Help Support Nelly's Story

Please help fund the production of the inspiring story of how one little girl dared to imagine a better world during one of the darkest moments in history. You can also support the project by purchasing a gift of hope from our gift store.

Nelly used the power of storytelling and painting as tools to get through the daily horrors of the war. Her imagination and will to dream saved her and helped transform her pain into a message of hope and love.

As our world is faced with daily headlines of violence and social disconnect, Nelly's message has become even more poignant and relevant. What kind of world are we leaving for our children? Can we find hope and wonder amidst despair and chaos? We seek not only to tell a powerful story of triumph over adversity, but would like to galvanize a movement that inspires people to become champions of peace, acceptance, and love for all. 

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